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Concentré de tomates / purée de tomates / sauce tomates


What's the difference between « concentré de tomates », « purée de tomates », « tomates pelées entières », « tomates pelées concassées » ?

It's all about the texture. Basically, it's the same thing : tomato only.

1. « Concentré de tomates » is very thick, it's a kind of paste. Easy to store because with a small can you make a lot of tomato sauce. It's packaged in small cans.

How to use it ?
You must add some water (as much as you want, it depends on what you want to do). You must also add some salt, pepper and some sugar (not a lot).





2. « Tomates pelées entières » and « tomates pelées concassées » : strain them if you want and just keep the tomatoes.
« Entières » means « whole » and « concassées » means « in small pieces ».

It's useful in winter for example, when the tomatoes sold in the shops are not tasty, not really good. With some « tomates pelées » you have some tomatoes everytime you want some. Easy to store because in a can.

How to use it ?
Just add some pepper, onion, garlic, whatever you like.

How to store it ?
Months as long as it's not opened, then it keeps for a few days in the fridge.




3. « Purée de tomates » is a kind of sauce, but it's only tomato nothing else. Usually packaged in a carton.

How to use it ?
Like «tomates pelées», you only need to add some salt, pepper, sugar.




4. « Sauce tomate »

If you buy a « sauce tomate » usually in a glass bottle, it means it's already cooked. So there's more than tomato : basil, meat (in the « sauce bolognaise »), other vegetables....

This one is easier and faster.

How to use it ?
Already cooked. Heat them in a microwave or in a double boiler

Where in a supermarket ?
All these cans are together, not far away from the pasta and sauces in the same department.

How to store it ?
Several weeks as long as it's not open, then it keeps for a few days in the fridge.


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