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Sauce salade is "vinaigrette".

Ingredients : moutarde / mustard, huile / oil, vinaigre / vinegar, sel / salt, poivre / pepper. Nothing else !

All you must know about quantities is :

for one (full) spoon of mustard, add three spoons of oil and one spoon of vinegar. Salt and pepper. This is enough for a salad dressing for three people. Then, if you have a big family, just take two spoons of mustard, six of oil....

How to make it ?

Just mix all the ingredients. Moutarde first, add vinaigre then oil.

It's possible to use "huile d'assaisonnement" or "huile de friture", both are ok.
If you want to enjoy different tastes, try with some "huile d'olive" or "huile de noix".





Preservation : one week in the fridge.



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