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Tartiflette / Potatoes and cheese gratin

 Ingredients :

 Potatoes (pommes de terre)
Cream (crème fraîche)
Fromage : reblochon (cheese from Savoie),
Pepper (poivre)














Salt is not necessary because « lardons » and the « roblochon » are already salty.


How to make it ?
1. peler (peel) les pommes de terre,

2. coupez les pommes de terre en tranches (slice)





3. Prenez un plat à gratin (an ovenproof dish), mettez les pommes de terre. Poivrez (add some pepper).







4. Coupez (cut) le roblochon en deux




5. Mettez des lardons et la crème fraîche.

Use a mix of « crème fraîche épaisse » and « crème liquide ». Because crème épaisse is too thick and if you use only crème liquide, it will be... too liquid.
For this recipe, you don't need to fry the lardons before. Put them raw.
Put on the potatoes and lardons the two pieces of cheese (they'll melt during the baking).


6. Bake for one hour and ½, th 5.










Preservation : one or two days in the fridge.


Enjoy your tartiflette with a "salade verte" (a green salad).

If you don't like "lardons" or cheese, try a "gratin dauphinois" a very easy and delicious dish.


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