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Fromage blanc / fromage frais is also very common in French cuisine, it means « white cheese » or « fresh cheese » in fact it's just a soft white cheese that resembles sour cream . 


How to use it : like a yaourt most of the time. Just have some at the end of a meal, add some sugar and enjoy. It's also used in cakes and desserts. It can be used instead of « crème fraîche » because it's low in fat (but not exactly the same taste and you can't make a "crème chantilly" / whipped cream with fromage blanc).


Where to find it in a supermarket :
It depends, sometimes it's close to the crème fraîche and sometimes close to the
yaourts. Either way it's in the « rayon frais ». You might find it in a special packaging called a « faisselle », which separates the water from the fromage blanc . It's still fromage blanc but « faisselle » refers to a typical / traditional way of making fromage blanc.

You can easily recognize "fromage blanc" because it's one kilo package. Look at the diffrenceof size :


How to store it : like yaourts, a few days in the fridge. See the DLUO.

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