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Herbes aromatiques

Plantes aromatiques 

Anis (aniseed), cerfeuil : chervil, ciboulette : chives, herbe de provence, origan : oregano, sel (salt), laurier (baby-tree, baby leaf), romarin (rosemary), sauge (sage), fines herbes (sweet herbs), basilic (basil), persil (parsley, plat : flat-leaved parsley, frisé : curly parsley), estragon (tarragon), thym (thyme), sarriette (savory).

Laurier :

 Epices : curry, paprika, safran, poivre gris, blanc, noir (pepper), clou de girofle : clove, coriandre : coriander, cumin : caraway, noix de muscade (nut meg).

Preservation : several months. Avoid humidity.



From the south of France :

Anchois (anchovy) et crème d'anchois ou anchoïade (anchovy paste), tapenade, olives (verte : green, noire : black) ... Have some for an aperitif, on a small slice of bread, with a glass of rosé. 


Be careful ! Harissa is not a tomato sauce, it's only chili.
You can add some to a tomato sauce if you like it spicy.

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