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1. Pâtes sèches : dry pasta


The most common in France. Easy to store, easy to cook. It comes in many different shapes.

How to use it ?

Add to boiling water in a big pot, with a little bit of oil. Cook for the amount of time indicated on the package, strain, season. Bon appétit !


You can add some
tomato sauce (sauce tomate), garlic and olive oil (very good), crème fraîche (so French) and grated cheese (gruyère), or butter. Don't forget : salt and pepper too.




Where in a supermarket ?

Close to the rice, dried beans.
You'll often find the sauces right by the pasta.

How to store it ?

Months and months. Avoid humidity. See the DLUO. No need to refrigerate (except once it's cooked !!).


2. Pâtes fraîches / frech pasta

More expensive but so good.


How to use them ?

Boil some water and cook them. They cook in less time than « pâte sèche », only two or three minutes.

Where in a supermarket ?

Not with the « pâtes sèches » but « rayon frais », close to the ham (jambon), sausage (saucisses) and charcuterie.

How to store it ?

It will last a few days in the fridge.


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