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Confiture : jam


You cannot live in France without eating jam ! Especially for breakfast. If you want to try a typical French breakfast have black coffee or café au lait with tartines : bread or biscotte with butter and jam.

Usually French people eat « pain au chocolat » or « croissant » only during weekends (when someone is kind enough to go to the bakery) or for a special occasion.

Many confitures exist : fraise / stawberry, framboise / raspberry, cassis / blackcurrant, myrtille / blueberry, orange, cerise / cherry, mûre / blackberry, coing / quince, de lait / milk, prunes / plum, figue / fig, crème de marron / chestnut butter ...


How to use it ?

On a slice of bread with butter for breakfast. It's also (it used to be) the typical snack for children after school.

Where to find it ?

Breakfast department : next to the tea, coffee, cereals...

And also here !

How to store it ?

Several months in a cupboard. Once opened, a few weeks in the fridge.


Miel : honey



In France honey is similar to wine in that it comes from all over France, and the honey from each region has a different flavour and texture, ranging from light to dark and very thick to runny depending on the type of flowers it's made from.

How to use it ?
Like jam on your tartine. You can cook with it (add some miel to the sugar and your cake will be so delicious)

Where to find it ?

Next to the jam and breakfast goods : coffee, cereals...

How to store it ?

Several months in a cupboard, there's no need to store it in your fridge.


Look at this beehive ! It makes honey easy to find !

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