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Chocolat à croquer, blanc, au lait... Chocolate bars

You can find just so many chocolates, it's a real pleasure to have just a bite.

Chocolat blanc : white chocolate, very sweet, full of sugar and fat...

How to use it ?

As a snack but you can cook with it too if you want to make a colourful dessert.


Chocolat au lait : milk chocolate,

very sweet too, usually for children, be careful it's difficult to stop eating!


Chocolat noir : dark chocolate. 
Just try different cocoa pourcentages. From a low pourcentage to a very high one (up to 99%) you'll find all kinds.

Be careful, if you want good quality chocolate, buy some containing « beurre de cacao » (cocoa butter).


How to use it ?

Just try some with a black coffee...

Where to find them ?

Usually close to the biscuits or candies.

How to store them ?

Several weeks iat room temperature. Don't put them in the fridge, they will be tasteless when cold, and they will develop a white film.

All these chocolates can come with noix (walnuts), noisettes (hazelnuts), amandes (almonds), riz soufflé (puffed rice)...


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