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There are many different types of oil.

How to use them ?

Two diffrent types of oil

- Huile de friture means « frying oil » so you can cook with it at high temperatures.

- Huile d'assaisonnement is used for flavour and to make salad dressings. Do not heat it up.

Each oil will specify which type it is.


Where to find them ?

All these oils are in the same department : "condiments" or « huile / vinaigre ».

Vegetable oils (huile de tournesol) are packaged in plastic bottles and olive oils (huile d'olive) are packaged in glass bottles.

And you can also find them here !


Huile de tournesol : very common in French cooking : sunflower oil.

How to use it :?
Huile de tournesol is used both for frying and dressing. That's why it's so convenient, you only need one bottle and you can do anything with it.

Where to find it ?
Among all theses bottles of oil,
often you'll have to look low on the shelves . There you see a beautiful plastic bottle with a lovely sunflower on it. Sometimes it's also in 2 or even 5 litre bottles.

Huile d'arachide : peanut oil

How to use it ?
Mainly for dressing, « huile d'assaisonnement » is written on the bottle.

Where to find it ?
With all the other oils, you can usually find it easilly because
it might have a picture of peanuts on the bottle.


There are many other different types of oil :


Huile de noix : walnut oil. Just used for dressing but very flavourful. Give it a try, just add some walnut oil to your dressing or add a few drops to other dishes before serving.

Huile d'olive : olive oil. Very fashionable right now, maybe because it's said to be healthy. Anyway, it's really tasty. You can use it to cook or to season your dishes.

How to store it ?
It keeps for several weeks. You don't need to store it in a fridge, avoid light it "kills" all the vitamines.


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