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Les légumes secs : dried beans and lentils

Pois chiches / chickpeas,
pois cassés / split peas,
lentilles / lentils,
haricots rouges / kidney beans,
haricots blancs / white beans



Pois cassés

How to use them ?

Be careful, if they are dried they will take a long time to cook

What you need is a « cocotte minute » or « autocuiseur », a pressure cooker, they will cook much faster .

Cooking time with the cocotte minute :

lentilles : 7 minutes

pois chiches : 90 minutes !!

pois cassés : 30 minutes

haricots rouges : 30 minutes


If you see « trempage » on the package, it means to soak overnight. 


Once cooked, sauté an onion, add the lentilles or pois cassés, salt, pepper. Bon appétit.

Where to find them ?

Close to the pasta and rice.

How to store them ?

Several months in a dry place.


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