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farine / flour

Farine is made from wheat unless it's a special kind of flour, such as « farine de sarrazin » « farine châtaigne ».

How to use it ?
French cooking uses a lot of farine : cakes, biscuits, crêpes (pancakes), tartes (pies), and is sometimes also used in sauces to thicken them. Do not eat raw (you won't be sick, but it's not so tasty !).

Where to find it ?
Close to the
sugar, in the same department. It's packaged in a kind of paper bag of one kilo.

How to store it ?
It keeps for months in a box, avoid humidity

If you want to cook with "farine de châtaigne" (chestnut flour) mix it with regular flour in a proportion of one third to two thirds. It's too heavy to be used on it's own, but mixed with flour it adds flavour to cakes and desserts.


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