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sucre / sugar

Sucre cristallisé : granulated sugar, looks like a white powder

Sucre semoule / sucre en poudre : caster sugar. Finer than sucre cristallisé but looks also like a white powder.


How to use it ?
You can cook with both, they have the same taste and the same uses : cakes, jams... But, as sucre semoule is finer, t's better to use it in your yogurt, or just to sweeten some fruit.

Where to find it ?
Close to the farine (flour)
. It comes in paper bags of one kilo (sometimes 5kg)

How to store it ?
Several months but avoid humidity.

Sucre en morceaux : sugar lumps or cubes.

White sugar but shaped in small oblong pieces. We use it with tea or coffee. That's why French people won't tell you they want some sugar with their tea but one or two sugars !

Sucre roux : brown sugar
Less common in France so more expensive but you'll find it in the same "rayon" of your shop.

Do you want to buy sugar ?

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