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crème fraiche / cream

Crème is very useful if you want to cook in France, basically there are 3 types of crème


I. Crème fraîche épaisse
This "crème fraîche" is packaged in a plastic box. It looks like sour cream but isn't exactly the same. It's made out of cow"s milk.

How to use it ?
Gratin, sauces, desserts... You can use it cold or cook with it, there's no problem.
Where to find it in a supermarket ?
RAYON FRAIS (refrigerated aisle) close to
beurre (butter).
How to store it ?
A few days in the fridge. See the DLUO.

If I need "sour cream" ?


II. Crème fraîche liquide
There are 2 types of crème fraîche liquide : 

1. crème fleurette

This type of cream isn't pasteurized so it will keep only a few days, but it's very tasty and so easy to use.

How to use it ?
It's useful if you want to make « chantilly » (whipped cream). If you're an addict of non-pasteurized crème just use it anytime you need some cream. You can add it to vegetables, put it in a gratin or even in your coffee, why not. You can also use it for cakes : just add a drop in the batter !


Where to find it in a supermarket ?

RAYON FRAIS (refrigerated aisle) very close to the crème fraîche épaisse, often next to it or one above. If you find one you, you can find the other !

How to store it ?
A few days in the fridge, see the DLUO

2. Crème liquide : pasteurized cream, in small square cartons.

We often use this cream because it's easy to store. As it's pasteurized, it keeps for a long time so you can use it anytime you need. So easy !!


When and how to use it ?
Basically you can use it the same way as the crème fleurette.

How to store it ?
No need to put it in the fridge, just leave it in any kind of storage. As it's pasteurized you can keep it for weeks. But once it's open store it in your fridge for only a few days.

Where to find it in a supermarket ?
Close to the
pasteurized milk usually.

Any idea of recipes ?

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