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What is "ON" in French conjugaison


Let's get started with: "on".

What is "on" in French, what does it mean?

"On" is very interesting in French because it has two possible meanings.

"On" means "we"  

In a dialogue or in a conversation, if someone tells you : "on va au parc ?", in this case, "on" means "we" : do we go to the park?

"Si tu veux, on peut manger des pâtes" : if you want, we can have some pasta.

"On" means "people"

In other cases, "on" means people in general. "En France, on mange des grenouilles" : in France, people eat frogs.

It does not mean you or me, but it is general, it means people. And maybe you belong to these "people", but maybe not.


Exemples / examples

Je pars avec mon ami, on va en Italie ! : I leave with my friend, we go to Italy!

Dans ma famille, on ne regarde pas la télévision : in my family, we don't watch TV.

En Provence, on boit du pastis : in Provence, people drink pastis.



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