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Tour de France et route Napoleon

If you like the Tour de France, I am sure that you are very happy now. You had to be more patient this year, but at least you can enjoy it now.

On their website, you will find valuable information and a lot of great footage of the race: https://www.letour.fr/en/

And today is a special day because the Tour de France is on "la route Napoleon". This road between Golfe-Juan and the South of Grenoble is beautiful. If one day you come to France, take this road, it's beautiful and you'll love the scenery. 


And do you know why it is called "la route Napoléon"? Because it's this road that the French emperor Napoleon took when he came back from the île d'Elbe where he had been exiled and marched to Paris to take the power back and become emperor... again!

It's all for today, just enjoy the Tour de France and the beautiful places you can see. And don't forget, you can get my free guide to virtually visit 10 beautiful places in France, enjoy!

Tour de France et route Napoleon
Tour de France et route Napoleon
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