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Fish terrines and mustard

Fish terrines and mustard

We have some new products on Mondizen, your online French shop!

We discovered a lovely producer of fish terrines in "Bretagne", close to the ocean.

Bretagne, a gourmet overview

Bretagne is well-known for its strong traditions, an independent mind, a celtic language and very nice food. Traditional food in Bretagne includes a lot of fish and seafood, but not only.

If you visit Bretagne one day, take your chance to try their "crêpes", this lovely and very thin pancake we eat with butter and sugar, or jam... or chocolate why not! The traditional "crêpe" from Bretagne is name "galette" and can be eaten with salty ingredients like cheese, ham, mushrooms...

The local drink of Bretagne is "cidre", this apple sparkling drink with a low degree of alcohol.

And a very traditional and famous (and excellent!) pastry is the "kouign-amann". This cake is made with a lot of butter and sugar on a thin pastry, and it is just delicious! Don't eat too much, but try one at least!

And in Bretagne, you will also find a lot of fish specialities like fish soup, fish terrines.

Fish terrines

On Mondizen, you can now purchase our new fish terrines from Bretagne: tuna terrine and sardine terrine. But they also have a secret ingredient: seaweed!


These terrines are just lovely with a very nice balance in the taste of the ingredients. We selected high quality products made in the respect of traditions. These products are all made in an artisanal way. As usual, we met this producer, tried their products, talked to them and were convinced that these products were real gourmet products from France.

This is why, we are happy to introduce these new products!

Enjoy your French gourmet food with Mondizen, we deliver your French products internationally.

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