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If you love this French specialty "saucisson", then you will find a very nice and traditional saucisson on Mondizen, your online French store.

Saucisson Michel Ogier

Michel Ogier is a traditional French company based close to Lyon in France. The salaison Ogier was founded in 1938.

All their products are free of phosphates and artificial dyes.

Discover their range of saucissons with the famous Jesus and Rosette de Lyon.

Michel Ogier also make saucisson in pepper or herbs.

The Michel Ogier offer includes "saucisson à cuire" a delicious French specialty. A sausage to boil or bake in your oven. Enjoy it with potatoes and a green salad and everything will be perfect!

Michel Ogier saucisson is available on Mondizen, we ship your French products internationally.

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I love Salaison Ogier products. So roots.